High praise previews for ‘terrifying’ Still Wakes the Deep

31st May 2024 Game Stories

The embargo has lifted, and journalists have emerged from the oil rig to share their first hands-on impressions for The Chinese Room and Secret Mode’s upcoming game Still Wakes the Deep.

It’s fair to say that the spine-tingling experiences that they’ve encountered on the Beira D have left a lasting impression and, most of all, they liked what they saw. We’ve rounded up some of the previews so far for the upcoming narrative horror title to give you a glimpse of what to expect when the game launches on 18th June this year.

“…it feels like Outlast with a Lovecraftian twist, all set on an oil rig that’s trying to kill me”


GamesRadar’s Jasmine Gould-Wilson said that “Still Wakes the Deep’s first-person perspective aids the immersion” whilst also praising how the game “effectively applies its brand of creeping, unseen horror to put me in a permanent state of alarm.

You can check out the full preview on the GamesRadar+ website now.


Still Wakes the Deep gets the fundamentals of horror just right while also having an incredible location and grisly action”


Elie Gould over at PC Gamer was one of the first to visit the unforgiving North Sea aboard an oil rig which is, quite frankly, the stuff of nightmares. Elie discussed how quick-time events in the game were “just one example of how Still Wakes the Deep ensures that every bit of action and dialogue is concise” as well as saluting The Chinese Room’s efforts of getting the balance of “beautiful, intriguing, and horrifying just right, giving you just enough incentive to venture on through the rubble, unnerving chase scenes, and blood-curdling screams”.

Read the full preview on the PC Gamer website, if you dare!

“How Still Wakes the Deep makes you care for a doomed crew”


Over on Xbox Wire, Mike Nelson didn’t hold back when they said, “The Chinese Room appears to be firing on all cylinders here — they’re on the cusp delivering another masterpiece of gaming horror”.

Mike spoke positively about the “mix of tension, dread, and inevitable horror” that Still Wakes the Deep brings to the player, whilst also stating that the design of the interior of the Beria D is “very impressively modelled”.

Head over to the Xbox Wire site to read the full preview.

Still Wakes the Deep will launch on 18th June 2024 for Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PS5, and will also be available with Xbox Game Pass for console and PC. Pre-orders for the physical PS5 release are available now from all good retailers.

31st May 2024 Game Stories