• Publisher Secret Mode
  • Platforms PC, Steam
  • Sumo Lead Studio Sumo Newcastle
  • Genre Action Racing
  • Service Line Full Game Dev
  • Release Date TBC

Game Summary

DEATHSPRINT 66 redefines hardcore arcade racing, fusing high-speed on-foot racing with a dystopian setting and deadly obstacles. Unleash your velocity, push limits, and claim glory like never before.



Take part in thrilling 8 player PvP on-foot races across extreme obstacle courses that push the boundaries of entertainment. Run, jump, drift and slide your way through a series of deadly tracks, chaining together traversals to enter a flow state and earn HYPE.

HYPE fuels a range of exciting and deadly abilities including Boost, Seekersaw, Mag-Shield, EMP Blasts and Proximity Mines. A well-deployed ability can be the difference between winning and losing, making those split-second strategic decisions vital to your race.


Winning is not enough. Entertaining the audience on track leads to bigger rewards off it. Your FAME score is a measure of how attractive you are to sponsors, the higher the score, the more interested they’ll be, unlocking a greater variety of cosmetics for your runner.

Tracks are filled with deadly booby traps, thrilling traversals and opportunities to take out your rivals meaning that each race is an unpredictable, unique and gripping experience.


In the ruins of long-abandoned cities of the old world, the Bachman Media Network has built a series of deadly racetracks designed for one purpose – to keep their blood-thirsty viewers entertained.

Deadly traps and difficult traversals litter each track, but with an endless supply of human clones to race with, contestants must fight a bloody battle to the finish and claim victory.

Immersed in a gritty, dystopian world, DEATHSPRINT 66 explores the societal consequences of extreme entertainment.