High praise from critics for Still Wakes the Deep

20th Jun 2024 News

Many of you will be no doubt be unearthing the horrors that lie within Beira D as The Chinese Room and Secret Mode’s Still Wakes the Deep arrived this week – but what have the critics made of the game so far?

We’ve rounded up some of the reviews from the games industry media over the past few days to give you an idea on what to expect from the newly released narrative horror title.

*Spoiler Alert* – they love it…

“The key to this first-person horror tale for The Chinese Room is doubtless fidelity”

EDGE magazine #399 included a fantastic review for Still Wakes the Deep and it’s fair to say they really enjoyed their experience (unlike Caz) on the oil rig, in which they said “The pacing of this chaos is immaculate, always turning the screw, but never with impatience.”

You can check out the full review in the latest issue at all good retailers or on the website in due course.

“Still Wakes The Deep is The Chinese Room’s story crafting at its best”

The Gamer had high praise for Still Wakes the Deep, stating that the game offers a “well-paced, meaty narrative with excellent performances that I’m going to be chewing on for months to come”.

Read the full review here.

“An emotive story that is equal parts terrifying and traumatic”

PC Gamer were in awe of the environment in their review and “spent a lot of time taking pretty pictures around the rig, even when I was on the verge of death”.

You can check out the rest of the review on the website.

“A moody, ambient piece of short-form horror fiction”

Over to GamesRadar+ now and their review honed in on the chaos and thrilling storytelling as the horror unfolds, in which they said “Before you really understand what’s going on, the atmosphere draws out the intrigue and threat of… whatever’s out there, beautifully.”

Read all about it right here.

“Still Wakes the Deep is a standout title from The Chinese Room and is a must-play for fans of Lovecraft horror”

The voice actors really stood out for Hardcore Gamer in their review of Still Wakes the Deep, praising the impressive acting talent.

The critic said “Authenticity is a huge part of the title and the script and voice acting perfectly fit the tone and setting. These performers brought the script and their characters to life and held nothing back in their work”.

Head over to the website now to read more.

Still Wakes the Deep is available now for Xbox Series X|S, PC, and PS5. It is also available with Game Pass for console and PC. A physical PS5 release is available now from all good retailers.

20th June 2024 News