Sumo Digital receives TIGA STAR Award

27th Jan 2022 Awards

News just in: Sumo Digital is the recipient of this year’s TIGA STAR Award!

Judged in four areas: Strategy, Teams, Advancement and Recognition, this award recognises the best employers in the UK video games industry.

Sumo Digital has excelled across all four categories which TIGA STAR examines for best practice:
– Strategy: How the organisation develops and adheres to a clear video, strategy and demonstrates effective leadership;
– Teams: How the organisation recruits and retains great teams; promotes training, diversity and equal opportunities; and facilitates flexible working;
– Advancement: How the organisation continually makes advances in its business operations;
– Recognition: How the organisation recognises and rewards individuals, teams and organisational success.

An evaluation of our practices revealed Sumo Digital to be an excellent place to work, with a strong vision for future success. The TIGA assessment team noted numerous examples of good practice, including:
– A clear strategy and vision to grow as a sustainable business;
– Best practice in respect of recruitment, selection and retention; effective team working, work-life balance and a strong commitment to learning and development;
– Ideas and objectives are generated both by team members (e.g. through game jams) and by senior leaders to drive and to measure success;
– Financial rewards for employees via company wide and individual performance schemes.

Gary Dunn, Managing Director Sumo Digital said:
“It’s fantastic to see Sumo being recognised by TIGA for its excellence and best practice. I know how hard our people and our partners work together across the entire games development eco-system to stand out and be industry leaders. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone at Sumo for making this possible.

“The world’s most influential publishers, developers, platform manufacturers and entertainment brands are increasingly turning to Sumo to co-create their games development ambitions, and this year’s TIGA star is another symbolic reminder of how we remain a partner of choice for entertainment brands around the world.”

Dr Richard Wilson OBE, TIGA CEO, said:
“The TIGA STAR System is designed to identify excellent businesses and to promote best practice in the video games industry. I am delighted therefore that Sumo Digital has achieved a TIGA STAR award. Sumo Digital has a clear strategy, a strong focus on continuous improvement and operates good practice in respect of rewarding team members. I am particularly impressed by Sumo Digital’s provision of a minimum of 5 paid, free choice, training days per year for all team members. Congratulations to everyone at Sumo Digital on their success.”

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27th January 2022 Awards