Bloodlines 2 extended gameplay reveal and release window announced

1st Feb 2024 Game Stories

We’re excited to share The Chinese Room and Paradox Interactive’s brand-new extended gameplay reveal for Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 

In this video, The Chinese Room’s Creative Director, Alex Skidmore, and Community Manager Joshua Matthews take a deep dive into the game’s mechanics and setting while exploring Seattle as a Brujah Kindred.

The extended gameplay reveal focuses on an early-game mission, where player character Phyre infiltrates an abandoned warehouse to uncover clues about the mysterious mark on their hand. Players must choose their actions wisely, whether confronting the court’s secret keeper like Willem or meeting unruly ghouls and illusions that cloud the environment. 

To find out more about the game and release date, visit the official Bloodlines 2 website. 

1st February 2024 Game Stories