Sumo Newcastle reveals brand-new gameplay trailer for DEATHSPRINT 66

9th Jun 2024 News

On your marks, get set, CARNAGE! It’s time to check out the intense anaerobic action that awaits in The Deadliest Show on Earth as Sumo Newcastle and Secret Mode reveal its brand-new gameplay trailer for DEATHSPRINT 66.

The trailer for the studio’s upcoming combat racing title features a first look at the sheer speed of the game’s competitors, as well as showcasing the lethality of the traps and abilities that players will either exploit or avoid as they sprint for survival across neon-soaked cityscapes for fame and fortune.

In DEATHSPRINT 66, gamers take part in thrilling 8-player PvP on-foot races across extreme obstacle courses that push the boundaries of entertainment. You’ll run, jump, drift and slide your way through a series of deadly tracks, chaining together traversals to enter a flow state and earn hype.

Hype fuels a range of exiting and deadly abilities including Boost, Seekersaw, Mag-Shield, EMP Blasts and Proximity Mines. A well-deployed ability can be the difference between winning and losing, making those split-second strategic decisions vital to your race.

More details on DEATHSPRINT 66 will be hitting your screens later this year, so stay tuned in for the biggest race of your life!

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9th June 2024 News