DEATHSPRINT 66 revealed – Sumo Newcastle and Secret Mode announce multi-title partnership

22nd Feb 2024 News

Sumo Newcastle and Secret Mode, Sumo Group’s publishing division, have announced a multi-title partnership today and their first title DEATHSPRINT 66, a brand-new multiplayer IP. 

Exclusively revealed today in the latest edition of EDGE Magazine (#395), DEATHSPRINT 66 is an on-foot racing gameshow set in a dystopian future where contestants compete to entertain a global audience of bloodthirsty viewers. 

 “Sumo Newcastle’s approach is to have small teams pushing into new areas with big ideas,” said Owen O’Brien, Studio Director at Sumo Newcastle. “We aim to deliver unique, focused experiences via self-contained, high-quality games, and our new partnership with Secret Mode enables us to fully embrace this philosophy.” 

This is Sumo Newcastle’s first title since the launch of Hood: Outlaws & Legends in 2021 and will be the first of the multi-title publishing partnership with Secret Mode which will span different genres and IPs. 

“We’re delighted to be kickstarting Sumo Newcastle and Secret Mode’s partnership with an exciting brand-new IP reveal,” added Gary Dunn, Managing Director of Sumo Digital. “This partnership reinforces our commitment to creating unique gaming challenges for our players, and we can’t wait to share more news with you later in the year.” 

A world premiere of DEATHSPRINT 66 will be showcased next month during the Future Games Show on 21st March. 

For more information pick up or order your copy of EDGE Magazine #395 now. 

22nd February 2024 News