DEATHSPRINT 66 hits the ground running in hands-on previews

3rd Jul 2024 News

Clone Jockeys hit the track recently as media got hands-on with Sumo Newcastle and Secret Mode’s DEATHSPRINT 66 during the summer expos and events throughout June. 

We’ve rounded up some of the previews so far for the highly anticipated upcoming combat racing title to give you an idea of what to expect when it launches later this year. 

“I’m really good at Mario Kart, but this ultraviolent, freerunning alternative kicked my whole ass”

GamesRadar’s Ali Jones enjoyed their fast-paced, brutal experience in the hands-on preview, in which they said
“Brutally fast, but also brutally, well, brutal, DEATHSPRINT 66 takes no prisoners, and I was simply pleased to emerge (relatively) unscathed.” 

Check out the full preview here. 

“The M-Rated arcade racer has some legs”

Matt Kim of IGN first experienced
DEATHSPRINT 66 during the Summer Games Fest and “…came away thoroughly impressed by what I saw thanks in part to the tried-and-true arcade racing style mechanics but with violent twists.” 

They went onto to say “I can easily see DEATHSPRINT 66 becoming a new Fall Guys, a quick and fun pick-up-and-play game in between marathon sessions of your favorite RPG.” 

Take a look at what else they had to say here. 

“I have played DEATHSPRINT 66, or what the wildest, most violent and dizzying Mario Kart would be like”

Ruetir had a blast in this gruesome dystopian future of racing as they praised the game’s control mechanics and deadly traps.

They said “Because of all this cocktail of ideas is why DEATHSPRINT 66 I found it so original, frenetic and fun, so I can’t wait until I can really take the controls to face other players in these ruthless races.” 

Read more on what they had to say about the game here. 

“Mario Kart meets Rollerball”

NicheGamer found the gore and competitiveness rather appealing in their hands-on playthrough of the game, and even went as far to say as “With the right support, either game could be the indie game of the year.”

Head over to the website here for the full preview. 

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3rd July 2024 News