Zool Redimensioned out now on PlayStation 4

17th May 2023 News

We’re excited to announce that the Sumo Digital Academy and Secret Mode’s action platformer Zool Redimensioned is out now on PlayStation 4! 

A reimagining of the Amiga 1992 classic, Zool Redimensioned will see players help Zool jump, spin and shoot his way across eight alien worlds, taking down menacing bosses and saving the universe from the nefarious influence of Krool.

In addition, this release of Zool Redimensioned includes three completely new local multiplayer party modes. Don your favourite Zool mask and compete with up to 3 friends by grabbing the most clutter in “Zool’s Gold”, holding onto Krool’s crown in, “Rool of Zool”, and booting balls into the back of the Nth dimension in “Ball Brawl”.

“We’re excited to bring Zool Redimensioned to console so that more players can experience this classic platforming action,” said Dr Jacob Habgood, Director of Education Partnerships at Sumo Digital. “It’s fitting that the PlayStation release of Zool coincides with the formal completion of their Academy training as apprentice game programmers, and they now begin placements on exciting projects across Sumo’s different game studios.” 

The Sumo Digital Academy launched in 2020 to help open pathways into the games industry for graduate talent. So far, three cohorts have joined the Academy, working on the Steam PC launch of Zool Redimensioned prior to the PS4 release.

The game is now available to purchase from the PlayStation Store, and for more information visit the Secret Mode website.

For more information on the Sumo Digital Academy visit www.sumo-academy.com

17th May 2023 News