We’re nominated at the 2021 Game Dev Heroes Awards!

19th Oct 2021 Awards

It’s all about our people here at Sumo, seeing them grow, develop and be recognised for their hard work makes us unbelievably proud! 

We’re delighted to share the six members of the Sumo family that have been nominated this year’s Game Dev Heroes Awards.

The popular peer-nominated awards are a celebration of the people behind the scenes of the games industry and aim to recognise the contributions from brilliant developers and resourceful support staff to inspiring management and positive role models.


Meet the nominees!

For Design, Daryoush Neekoi – Senior Game Designer at Sumo Digital.  

“I’m so proud to be considered for the Game Dev Heroes Design Award and to be joined by other colleagues from Sumo! 

“It’s lovely to know that I make a positive impact on the people I work with. I couldn’t do what I do without them. We are privileged to do what we love every day, but to be surrounded by the support, talents and respect of everyone at Sumo is amazing. This nomination just tops it all off. I really appreciate the nominations!” 


For Writing, Rhianne Murphy – Narrative Designer at Sumo Digital. 

“I’m honestly floored to be nominated; I didn’t expect this at all! When I got the email, I thought it was going to tell me the person I nominated had made the shortlist; safe to say I was confused to read that I had made the shortlist.  

“I’m amazed that I get to be in a category with some wicked writers and narrative designers (all of which are deserving of winning imo). I’m just happy to have a great team to spend my day with.”

For Programming, Daniel Breton – Programmer at Red Kite Games

“Being nominated for the Game Dev Hero award caught me completely off-guard, I didn’t believe the email when it first came through!  

“I’m super grateful for the nomination and to be part of such an amazing and talented team at Red Kite Games who always drive me to do my best.”

For Production, Helen Woolley – Producer at Sumo Digital.

“I am incredibly honoured to have been nominated, let alone to have been shortlisted among an amazing group of talented individuals. 

“I’m grateful to those that took the time to nominate and hope that I can continue to help our teams create great games.”

For Leadership, Paul Colls – Design Director at Sumo Digital.

“I was taken aback when I learned about my nomination for the Game Dev Heroes awards, first thing that came to mind was the amazing people that I work with. The fact that they felt my work deserved the nomination is a little overwhelming, in the best of ways. 

“Second, my friends and family. Their continued support and guidance has allowed me to pursue my dreams. 

“I’m proud to have been nominated, but I’m prouder of the incredible people I work alongside day in, day out. Not just in my own studio but industry-wide, we learn so much from each other in game dev, I’ll always be tremendously grateful for that.”

Last but certainly not least, nominated for Progression Advocate is EDI Manager at Sumo Group, Leon Killin.

“It’s an absolute honour and a genuine privilege to be nominated for Progressive Advocate, especially when everyone in this category is doing such vitally important work toward making our industry a better place. 

“I’m so grateful to those who thought to put my name forward and that I get to do such amazing work with so many wonderful, passionate people!”

The winners are announced on Tuesday 26th October – we’ll be watching along and cheering our teams on. Good luck everyone! 

Want to be part of an award-winning team working on some incredibly exciting titles? We’re currently looking for brilliant people to welcome to the family. All our current opportunities can be found here.   


19th October 2021 Awards