Review Round Up: The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

23rd Aug 2023 Game Stories

With over one million players
joining in the hunt within the first 24 hours of it being released, players
from all over the world have finally gotten to experience the horror of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

This 3v4 asymmetrical horror game
based on the film of the same name has been brought to horrifying life by Sumo Nottingham and publishers Gun Interactive… but what did the
critics think of this tense game of stealth, shadows, and survival?

We’ve rounded up some of our favourite reviews below – check
them out!

“a horrible treat that just keeps on giving” –

The Guardian

Marking 50 years since this iconic terror classic hit the
screens, The Guardian reviewer Keith Stuart called the game ‘perfectly replicated
and ‘an interactive terror ride’, saying: “[What you get is] an
incredibly tense, scary, jump scare-filled face-off between the hunter and the
hunted. TCM makes brilliant, knowledgeable use of the film’s setting,
characters (several of whom are voiced by actors from the film series) and
general atmosphere.”

“When you hear that chainsaw revving, it’s like nothing else in horror” –


We’re in the ‘golden age’ of asymmetrical horror multiplayer
games, according to GameSpot’s Mark Delaney, who said: “The Texas Chain Saw
Massacre plays, looks, and sounds like its team holds the source material in
the highest regard. Faithfully transposing the film’s signature terror into a
modern multiplayer game is a feat on both ends. […] As one of the year’s
scariest and best-designed experiences, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre has reset
the bar for multiplayer horror games.”

“A thrilling horror
homage” –


‘Asymmetrical horror girly’ Danielle Rose of PCGamesN
said: “Gun and Sumo’s homage hits the mark. Whether it’s the sun setting
over the Slaughter family house or Cook’s gas station at dark, the landscapes
provide the perfect backdrop to hunt or be hunted.”

“Intense and
genuinely frightening” –

Bloody Disgusting

If anyone knows horror, it’s the team over at Bloody
! Brandon Trush said: “It’s not as simple as running in
circles – you need to crawl, shimmy, sometimes gambit making loud noises that
give away your position in exchange for a quick getaway, and all of it feels
not only like a success of asymmetrical horror, but a homage to the feeling I
get when I watch a Texas film.”

captures the atmosphere of the 1974 movie” –

The Gamer

Stepping into the shoes of both
the Victims and the Family during their time with the game, James Troughton of
The Gamer enjoyed both narrow escapes and bloody ends: “[But] in The Texas
Chain Saw Massacre, the thrill of breaking free and outwitting the family is
every bit as engaging as shoving a chainsaw through someone’s stomach.”

“a terrifying experience
that will haunt players for a long time” –


A fan of the Texas Chain Saw
franchise PC
’s Matthew Kevin Mitchell said: “With its intense gameplay and
faithful representation of the movie’s essence, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
game is a prime example of how a horror franchise can be transformed into a
successful gaming experience.”

A huge congratulations to the
team at Sumo Nottingham who have put their all into creating a terrifying game
for players to experience!

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is now available on
PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S/X consoles, Steam and
Game Pass.

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23rd August 2023 Game Stories