In the News – Sumo Digital January 2024

6th Feb 2024 News

Get your fix on all-things Sumo Digital with the latest instalment of In the News!

Now we’re well in to 2024, join us as we look back on a busy couple of months with coverage from media, featuring our games, studios, and people.


We rounded off 2023 with some special mentions for our IP in BAFTA’s top lists for 2023. Sumo Nottingham’s The Texas Chain Saw Massacre made the ‘top 10 British Games’ list, as well as the ‘60 best video games of 2023’ alongside Hogwarts Legacy (Sumo Nottingham & Red Kite Games).

Check out the full list of 2023 superstars!


We were honoured to see a number of Sumo Digital’s own IP and co-development titles also being featured across a huge array of the media’s ‘Most anticipated games for 2024’ lists towards the latter stages of 2023 and into 2024 – we’re flattered, and equally excited for you all to play them.

Which upcoming release are you excited about the most?


A great read over on GamesRadar as The Chinese Room’s Rob McLachlan gave an interview on the studio’s upcoming titles Still Wakes the Deep.

Check out the full interview to learn more about the narrative horror game.


Sticking with The Chinese Room, the studio and publisher Paradox Interactive hit the headlines after unveiling an extended gameplay reveal to the world for narrative RPG Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, featuring one of the playable clans in action.

Sink your teeth into the 15-minute video now for an in-depth look at what to expect.


GameRant included Sumo Digital’s Team Sonic Racing among its list of the ‘Best co-op racing games’. The 2019 release, developed by the Sumo Sheffield team, ranked #6 in the list respectively.

Gotta go fast!

A heard of Stampede racers whizz around a beach-themed track in close competition.


Sumo Leamington’s Stampede: Racing Royale grabbed a podium finish in RacingGamesGG’s super interview feature with Senior Community Manager Chris Groves.

Check out the full interview on how our upcoming 60-player battle royale racer is shaking up the karting genre.


Blood will no doubt be spilt as The Texas Chain Saw Massacre’s latest big update was highlighted among the press in January, which included a brand-new map called ‘The Mill’ as well as news of new executions, cosmetics, and a new mode on the way.

Be sure to take a look at all the content arriving in the asymmetrical multiplayer horror game.


We’re always striving for more equality in the industry, and we were delighted to have Sumo Group’s Group Director of Communications & Marketing Christina Haralambous and Head of Inclusion & Belonging Leon Killin included in Women in Games’ latest Corporate Ambassador Spotlight.

The duo discussed why it’s important the industry actively supports and advocates for women and underrepresented groups, and the key issues being faced today…


Sumo Digital Academy programmer apprentice Grace Johnson was featured in Unltd Business how the games industry impacts the environment, and what we can do about it.

A great read, and well done to Grace for her fantastic insight.


In this section of our round-up, we take a look at some of the people who have joined the Sumo family in recent weeks. Please welcome our latest recruits to Sumo Digital and across the wider Sumo Group!


  • Emma Bruce (SHE/HER) – Design Manager at Sumo Sheffield
  • Jason Ware (HE/HIM) – UI/UX Designer at Sumo Sheffield
  • Venezia Georgieva (SHE/HER) – Senior Systems and Economy Designer at Sumo Sheffield
  • Jo Root – Associate Studio Production Director at Sumo Sheffield
  • Aled Gwyn Davies (HE/HIM) – Senior Combat Designer at Sumo Sheffield
  • Kaeyo Mayne (HE/HIM) – Digital Marketing Manager at Sumo Group
  • Lou Arnold (HE/HIM) – Human Resources Assistant at Sumo Group
  • Katie Johnson (SHE/HER) – Brand Marketing Manager at Sumo Group
  • Glenn More (HE/HIM) – Senior Project Manager at Sumo Digital
  • Razi Abbas (HE/HIM) – Senior Project Manager at Sumo Digital
  • Chloe Patricia Hodgson (SHE/THEY) – UX Designer at Atomhawk Advance
  • Ada-Karina Ali (SHE/HER) – Technical Artist at Red Kite Games
  • Nida Ahmad (SHE/HER) – UX Designer at Sumo Leamington
  • Alice Balloch (SHE/HER) – Narrative Designer at Sumo Leamington
  • Kyle Hatch (HE/HIM) – Lead Programmer at Sumo Nottingham
  • Sean Hall (HE/HIM) – Senior Programmer at Sumo Warrington
  • Adam Birch (HE/HIM) – Senior UI/UX at Auroch Digital
6th February 2024 News