In the news – Sumo Digital February & March 2024

10th Apr 2024 News

Get your fix on all-things Sumo Digital with the latest instalment of In the News! 

It’s been a very busy couple of months for our Sumo Digital studios and the wider Sumo Group, so let’s take a look at some of the coverage from the media featuring our games, studios, and people. 


February saw our big multi-title partnership reveal between Sumo Newcastle and Secret Mode with the announcement of a new game, DEATHSPRINT 66, which was exclusively shared in an interview and front-page cover with EDGE Magazine. 

You can check out the full feature interview with Sumo Newcastle Studio Director Owen O’Brien and Design Director Andrew Willans is available to view on the GamesRadar+ website. 


Hot off its big reveal with EDGE, DEATHSPRINT 66’s premiere trailer kicked off the Future Games Show Spring Showcase event, which also featured the official release date trailer for The Chinese Room’s Still Wakes the Deep. For all the main FGS announcements, feel free to check out Pure Xbox’s round-up post. 


The Chinese Room continued to give ‘fang-tastic’ insights into what gamers can expect in Vampire: the Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 over the past couple of months with a number of dev diary entries including two new deep dives into the clans that you can play as. 

Head on over to PC Gamer to read more about the Brujah clan, as well as Bleeding Cool’s article on the Tremere clan. 


Sumo Nottingham and Gun Interactive were in the mood for celebrating after it was announced that The Texas Chain Saw Massacre had sold over one million copies with over five million players trying to escape the notorious Slaughter family (or leading Victims to a gruesome fate). 

Find out more details on the milestone achievement over on the GameDeveloper website. In addition, Sumo Nottingham’s free DLC release for TTCSM was picked up by the folks at GameSpot and Facts Chronicle. 

The race is on! Stampede kart racers are speeding through a futuristic looking track, with a jolly looking racer wearing a cowboy hat in a cowprint kart takes the lead.


Ahead of Sumo Leamington’s highly-anticipated 64-player battle royale racer, Stampede: Racing Royale, the game has been included as part of the Xbox Insider Program for players to try out on Xbox and PC! 

Check out more details on what to expect over on the RacingGamesGG website. 


Gamers looking for a new FPS were excited by Auroch Digital’s announcement that Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun was heading to Xbox Games Pass, which picked up by a number of media sites including Rock Paper Shotgun, Windows Central, and Coming Soon. 

Head to the DigitalTrends website to read about on how you should try this ‘great Game Pass shooter’. 

Prior to Boltgun’s arrival on Game Pass in March, Secret Mode’s A Little to the Left also joined Game Pass’ catalogue of available titles in February – and you check out the news on VGC to find out more about the full line-up now. 


Promoting the fantastic work that the Sumo Digital Academy does is always important, none more so than during National Apprenticeship Week, where interviews with Dr Jacob Habgood featured on the US Times Post and Scottish Sun websites – with unLTD Business covering the announcement around our new technical art cohort joining the Academy. 


In this section of our round-up, we take a look at some of the people who have joined the Sumo family in recent weeks. Please welcome our latest recruits to Sumo Digital and across the wider Sumo Group!

  • Garry Lewis – Central Art Manager at Sumo Sheffield
  • Marcus Clarke – Senior Game Designer (HE/HIM)
  • Vicki Steele – Lead Community Manager at Secret Mode (SHE/HER)
  •  Ana Aboal Beloso – Brand Creative Manager at Secret Mode (SHE/HER)
  • Sarah Dyer – Social Media Manager at Secret Mode (SHE/HER)
  • Qin Yu – Dialogue Designer at The Chinese Room (SHE/HER)
10th April 2024 News