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4th Jun 2024 News

Get your digital fix on all-things Sumo with the latest instalment of In the News!

Summer is heating up for game announcements and releases, but Spring was just as eventful for our studios, take a look at some of the coverage in the media for our Sumo Digital studios.



The search to find a game you want to play can be ‘tyre-some’, but lucky for you Sumo Leamington announced during ID@Xbox that 60-player kart racer Stampede: Racing Royale will be launching in early access this summer, which caught the attention of plenty of media and racing fans alike.

Head over to Niche Gamer to read more about the announcement.




In The Chinese Room’s Still Wakes the Deep, protagonist Cameron “Caz” McLeary and fellow crew members are in for quite a surprise as the story unfolds within the Beira D oil rig – and last month we finally revealed the voice actors behind some of the characters you’ll be meeting, as well Alex Newman who will be the voice of Caz.

You can see the full list of confirmed voice actors on Gaming Trends’ article now ahead of the game’s release on 18th June.




When we say that A LOT of people are excited for Still Wakes the Deep, we mean it!

There has been a huge amount of love for the game across the media – with an abundance of sites out there including it in their top games lists for June 2024 and beyond – so many in fact, we could probably fill the North Sea (OK, maybe not, but you catch our drift).

WCCFTech was one of the media sites who kindly included Still Wakes the Deep in their lists, so go check it out!

Not only that, the embargo lifted for the first media previews and there have been some really positive discussions about what they discovered in the first couple of hours of the story – we’re rounding them up right here on the Sumo Digital News & Insights channel if you want to see more.




Gamers waiting to sink their teeth into The Chinese Room’s Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2 were treated to not one, not two, but THREE new clan insight reveals during April and May.

Read more about the Banu Haqim clan over on Video Games SI, check out the latest insight into the Tremere Clan with Bleeding Cool, and learn more about the Ventrue clan on the Hardcore Gamer site.




Auroch Digital’s retro shooter Warhammer 40,000: Boltgun has been well received by gamers and the media alike since its launch in May last year – but the fun doesn’t stop there as the studio announced a brand-new expansion called ‘Forges of Corruption’ arriving June 2024.

You can head over to Eurogamer to read all about it and what to expect!




Sumo Group launched its brand-new free leadership careers programme in April, Sumo Group Evolve, and Jenny Muhlwa was on hand to tell the media all about how we’re helping to develop the next generation of gaming leaders.

Check out Prolific North’s full interview with Jenny now.




Blanket and snuggly slippers at the ready, as Secret Mode’s Matthew Pellett and Auroch Digital’s Jess Rutland appeared on the Game Dev London podcast to talk about ‘The quest for cosy’ in which the duo talked about what defines this charming genre and why it’s so popular.

Listen to the podcast right now over on the Game Dev London YouTube channel.

4th June 2024 News