Atomhawk reveals work on Halo Infinite Forge Beta as part of Project Stories

13th Apr 2023 News

Our award-winning art and design
studio Atomhawk has revealed an insightful look into its work on the hit first-person
shooter Halo Infinite.

This in-depth feature, part of
Atomhawk’s Project Stories, gives gamers a behind-the-scenes look into how the
studio worked with 343 Industries to help bring Halo Infinite’s
legendary Forge Beta mode to life. Atomhawk rounds up the overall project, how
the team approached technical challenges at different stages, and reflects on
the final result that millions of gamers got to experience when the game launched back
in 2021.

Kruger, Principal
Artist at Atomhawk UK, said: “There’s no greater feeling once you have that
‘Eureka!’ moment and everything falls into place.”


has provided concept art, marketing art and interactive design for a range of
global clients including WB Games, Xbox Game Studios and 2K Games – delivering
amazing work across its three studios. These include Atomhawk Newcastle and Atomhawk
Vancouver, as well as the brand-new technical art team Atomhawk Advance, a
remote-based studio specialising in UI & UX Design and Development,
Technical Art Direction, Realtime VFX and more.

Halo Infinite project – and other Project Stories including the studios’
work on PUGB, Mortal Kombat 11, and Surgeon Simulator 2
can be viewed here.

13th April 2023 News