Atomhawk reveals work on Age of Empires IV expansion in latest Project Story

22nd Apr 2024 News

Check this out! Our award-winning visual development studio Atomhawk has shared a behind-the-scenes look at its creative work on the latest expansion pack for Age of Empires IV in its newest Project Story.

Atomhawk’s studios were tasked with making in-game cinematics for The Sultans Ascend, the latest expansion pack for the highly rated real-time strategy game. The project involved creating the art, textiles, and architecture of the Mamluk era (1200s-1500s) into nine in-game cinematics – resulting is a series of narrative campaign introductions rich with locations, characters, and historical context.

“The amazing talent in our team has lavished a contemporary twist onto the legendary title that is Age of Empires,” says Darren Yeomans, Studio Director at Atomhawk UK. “The team used all of their skill and creative knowledge to successfully fuse traditional art styles with contemporary animation methods to help create a series of unique cinematics that perfectly complement the franchise.

“We were delighted to see some of the cinematics feature in the games promotional materials.”

For the full in-depth Project Story on this DLC expansion, as well as additional Project Stories and services, visit the Atomhawk website.

The Age of Empires IV: The Sultans Ascend expansion pack is now available to buy on Steam, Microsoft Store, and Xbox.

22nd April 2024 News