Democracy 4: Console Edition

  • Publisher Positech Games
  • Platforms Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
  • Sumo Lead Studio Auroch Digital
  • Genre Strategy
  • Service Line Game Dev Services
  • Release Date June 2024

Game Summary

Democracy 4: Console Edition is a political simulation game where you take on the role of leading one of several countries. In your position, you will be able to choose policies, laws, and take other actions which will positively impact some areas of your country, while having a negative effect on others. The ultimate goal is to win your next election through your actions.


Manage your cabinet

In Democracy 4: Console Edition, you inherit a pre-elected cabinet with their own biases and opinions from the previous leader. Introduce new policies, tweak existing bills, react to developing events, and look to gain the momentum in the polls from the public. You’ll have years to create your legacy – will it be one to remember as you get re-elected or one to forget as it ends in disappointment?

Manage the press

As leader, you will be asked to comment on situations which have achieved headline status in the press. Depending on the direction your government has gone in so far, how you deal with these can impact how the public feel you handle unforeseen events and times of crisis.

Win over voters

If you can make it to the end of your time in office, you will have to lay out a manifesto to show voters what the future will look like for them if you are re-elected. Will these be realistic, or will you offer what you can to try and get the public’s vote if things aren’t going well otherwise?