The Chinese Room reveals the Neo-Noir art of Bloodlines 2

19th Oct 2023 Game Stories

If you’re ‘chomping’ at the bit to hear more news on Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodlines 2, The Chinese Room has released new artistic screenshots as part of its latest dev diary entry. 

In the latest dev diary from our Brighton-based studio, Associate Art Director Ben Matthews discusses the game’s unique Neo-Noir art style, as well as the World of Shadow versus the World of Light, and inspirations for the overall look and feel of the upcoming RPG.

“Neo-Noir is a revival movement of Film Noir from the mid-20th century,” says Ben. “Artists focus on modern-day cities, painting them in bright neon lights and deep shadows. 

“It’s very moody and evokes places that harbour sinister characters. Think Blade Runner or John Wick. Subversive, Dark, and Threatening, are all Neo-Noir conventions we’re focusing on for our game. 

“VtM [Vampire the Masquerade] is all of these tones and so naturally it worked hand in hand when it came to creating the seedy underbelly of our Seattle. From locations to characters, our vision is about showing a side of Seattle at night that goes deeper than what you see on the surface. 

“Whether it’s dark-cornered alleyways to roam or interiors that host Machiavellian politics behind closed doors. Neo-Noir puts atmosphere and contrast at the centre of its palette and that’s something that works perfectly with our Vampire fantasy and ultimately Bloodlines 2.” 

You can read the full dev diary entry here.

19th October 2023 Game Stories