Sumo Group donates equipment to get children learning online

3rd Aug 2021 Studio Life

Our parent company, Sumo Group, has partnered with Every Child
Online to donate its pre-loved computers to children across the UK who do not have access to online learning at home.

The computers donated by Sumo will go directly
to children and young people around the UK, both to schools with outdated
tech and to children who don’t have access to a computer at home.

Every Child Online was
established in 2020 in response to children being left offline when learning
turned virtual during the pandemic. Since then,
the organisation continues to work with a series of partners
to donate pre-loved computers to
schools, replacing existing outdated technology
within classrooms around the UK.

Mike Tarbard, founder of Every Child
, said: “Businesses like Sumo Group need to
ensure their staff use the latest, most powerful computers to produce their
globally recognised games and, like many companies throughout the UK,
this computer equipment is usually refreshed for new equipment every three to
four years. 

“Companies have a choice, sell the
equipment to a refurbishment/recycling business that will sell the equipment
on, or donate it to Every Child Online, who refurbish it, then give it to
schools for free. We’re so grateful that Sumo chose to
donate its gear to get children learning!”

Stacey Smith, Head of IT
Sumo Group, said: “We’re delighted to be partnering with Every Child
Online to see our pre-loved technology get a new lease of
life whilst helping to get young people access to
online learning.

passionate about nurturing young talent and inspiring children to consider a
career in the games industry, we’re very proud to be able to contribute
to schools improving their IT education facilities! 

The kit donated by Sumo has been used by its
staff in making some of its award-winning games, including Sackboy: A Big
Adventure, Hood: Outlaws & Legends and Snake Pass. All machines
donated to Every Child Online have the drives removed by Sumo, before receiving
a full data wipe and an upgrade to the latest operating software before being
shipped out to young people across the county.

Further information about Every Child Online
and the work they do to get children learning online is available here.

3rd August 2021 Studio Life