Sumo Digital announces two new, original-IP games

12th Jun 2023 News

Sumo Digital is excited to announce new,
original IP titles in development at two of its UK based studios as the company celebrates its 20th

Sumo Leamington is bringing Sumo Digital’s first venture in to live service gaming
to life with Stampede: Racing Royale,
a 60-player, free-to-play kart racer that combines competitive, item-fuelled
kart racing with the chaos of a battle royale. The title, announced at the PC
Gaming show in LA at the weekend, is designed to grow and evolve around its
community, with player feedback set to shape its future.

a welcome return to the first-person, narrative horror genre, The Chinese Room
announced its latest title Still Wakes the Deep at the Xbox Games
Showcase on Sunday. Utilising the award-winning studio’s expertise in narrative
storytelling and innovative worldbuilding, Still Wakes the Deep sees
players taking on the role of an offshore oil rig worker fighting for his life
through a vicious storm, perilous surroundings and the dark, freezing North Sea
waters with an unknowable horror lurking onboard.

Dunn, Managing Director at Sumo Digital said: “The announcement of these two
new titles this month marks an exciting new chapter for Sumo Digital as we
celebrate our 20th anniversary. We’re expanding into new genres with
our first ever free-to-play live service game in Stampede Racing Royale, we’re doing
what we do best with the narrative-driven story of Still Wakes the Deep and
we’re proud to be creating original and innovative IP. Our people are creating
exceptional games in our studios and we’re looking forward to being able to
share more in the coming weeks and months.”

titles will be published by Secret Mode with Stampede: Racing Royale coming to PC via Steam Early Access in
2023, and later to consoles and Still Wakes the Deep launching in early 2024 on Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation
5, Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass.


12th June 2023 News