Pride and Our Continued Commitments

30th Jun 2021 Studio Life

This June,
we loudly and proudly celebrated Pride Month at Sumo Digital while also acknowledging that
there are still many ongoing issues and struggles that LGBTQ+ people face, both locally and
globally, through discrimination and prejudice.

It is vital
that we acknowledge that the games industry is far from perfect; however as a global organisation with people all over the world from all kinds of
backgrounds, we know it’s part of our duty to provide everyone at Sumo with a
safe, accepting and affirming working environment.

At Sumo
Group, our company pillars are Family, Security, Trust, and Collaboration, all
of which we believe mean embracing and supporting differences in genuine ways
that impact the lives of our people and communities. Because of this, both
publicly and behind the scenes, we’ve been making improvements:

• We’re striving to include and continually improve
custom pronoun fields and provide education on how to model new pronoun uses.

• We’re enhancing how we collect data to better
support our people who fall under the LGBTQ+ umbrella.

• We’re improving accessibility in facilities for
all by introducing gender-neutral and single-stall bathrooms and changing
spaces in as many Sumo Group studios as possible.

• We’re offering trans awareness training for all of our people working within the Group.

• And we’re creating a transition in the workplace policy to support our trans people through exciting and life-changing times.

still so much further to go, but we’re committed to making ongoing changes like
these and many, many more to come.

We’re doing
this together and we hope you’ll come along with us on this incredibly exciting




30th June 2021 Studio Life