Joining Sumo Pune: New Hire Stories

10th Jun 2021 Studio Life

We recently caught up with Gulshan Dixit, Programmer, and Ninad Dongre, Trainee Artist, to learn about their experiences starting work with Sumo Pune remotely.

Hi Gulshan and Ninad!

It’s great to chat with you. What has your onboarding experience been like during lockdown?

Gulshan Covid19 has taken everyone by surprise, and with lockdown, we are adapting to a new lifestyle of extra hygiene and social distancing. Along with this, my transition as a new member of Sumo Pune has been smooth and simple. From the first day, I felt at home, with an easy transition and friendly teammates at Sumo. Everything is well organised and there are people available to help with any issues.

Ninad – My onboarding experience was smooth too. Lockdown or not, I was excited about joining the Sumo team.

Is there anything your new teams did, or the wider company facilitated, to make you feel welcome?

Gulshan – My team have been very welcoming and supportive, and have helped me get on board with the current project. I am delighted to be part of an organisation where everyone is friendly and the environment is healthy for learning and working. This adds to employee’s professional and personal growth at the same time.

Ninad – After joining I got a warm welcome from my seniors. I was introduced to other new artists and the training alongside them is going great.

What was the interview process like?

Gulshan The interview process was really good as my skills were assessed based on my performance on an actual project. The technical round after that was awesome, as it covered the right aspect of programming knowledge a candidate should have for game programming.

Ninad – The interview was mainly technical which was a relief for me. I appreciate that I got good feedback on my portfolio and also got an insight into how I can improve my workflow. All in all, it was an engaging process.

Were there any things you were nervous about beforehand, and how were these resolved?

Gulshan – I was eager to find out about the result of the technical assignment, until I was informed I had cleared the round. Though I felt I’d done well in the assignment, there was still some uncertainty until I got the call.

Ninad – I was a bit nervous and unsure about the travel to Pune because of the pandemic, but I was relieved to find that I can work from home and the technical team helped me set up my workstation with the required software. Since then, training has been going smoothly!

Do you have any advice for anyone about to start working remotely in a new role?

Gulshan – Don’t be nervous, just be excited – you’re joining a great company. Other than the work, there are lots of events going on which promote learning new skills and socialising within the Sumo Digital studios. Even though working remotely, we have a system in place where quick communication is always happening to and fro.

Ninad – I would suggest not to be shy when in doubt, and instead try to be vocal and seek constructive feedback.

Any final comments or things you’d like to add?

Gulshan One of the benefits of joining Sumo Pune is that you are provided access to an online learning platform, with free quality courses for all Sumo members.

Ninad – I am grateful to be a part of the Sumo team. I have learned a lot in these two months. I am enjoying my work immensely!

Thanks again, Gulshan and Ninad!

To check out our open vacancies and see what opportunities there are for you to join our team, visit our career’s page.  


10th June 2021 Studio Life