5 things you need to know about The Chinese Room

29th Nov 2022 Studio Life

Since it was founded in 2012, The Chinese Room has become a master of combining breathtaking visuals with captivating narratives in all its games – from the now iconic Dear Esther, to the award-winning Little Orpheus

But when they aren’t crafting stunning stories for players around the world to enjoy, the team at The Chinese Room are passionate about fostering a safe, nurturing environment for all to thrive.

Here are five things you need to know about The Chinese Room.

Creativity at its core

Creativity runs through The Chinese Room like the word Brighton runs through a stick of seaside rock. The studio hosts Creative Jams and gives its teams the space they need to get involved and show their flair. This studio-wide event has a different theme for everyone to participate in, with entries getting a showcase on the studio’s social media channels.

Investing in the future of game development

Not only is the studio home to some of the top creative talent in the industry, it’s also passionate about investing in the next generation of game development as it strives to create pathways into the games industry.

Through its Entry Scheme – which gives those with no game development experience from marginalised backgrounds the opportunity to gain industry experience – the studio is able to welcome fresh faces to its team. It’s also a proud supporter of UKIE’s #RaiseTheGame initiative – a collaborative and high-impact pledge to improve diversity and inclusion in the industry – and is always supportive of its teams delivering talks and offering mentorships to university students.

Home to global talent

The Chinese Room is all about inclusion and its flexible approach to working not only allows all to work from where they feel comfortable, but it also gives the opportunity to welcome worldwide talent to its team. The studio currently has 24 nationalities within its team who speak 22 languages – a quality that allows them to create games for everybody.

Advocates for charity

The Chinese Room is passionate about charity and helping others – that’s why the studio is a supporter of multiple causes. First, they have taken on challenges to raise money for Brighton-based youth homelessness charity, The Clock Tower Sanctuary, and last year raised over £3000 for this wonderful cause.

The Chinese Room is also involved in Sumo Digital’s equipment donation scheme, which donates pre-loved tech to schools and students learning remotely to allow them a proper online education with high-spec equipment.

Music lovers unite!

With some staff working in the studio, and others choosing to remain working at home, The Chinese Room has come up with a way to get everyone together through music: The Friday Jukebox Competition! Each week, someone will choose a theme and the studio all collaborate on creating a Spotify playlist of themed tunes – the winning contribution goes on to choose the theme for the following week.

If The Chinese Room’s collaborative approach sounds like your dream workplace, why not take a look at all current opportunities on the Careers Page.   

29th November 2022 Studio Life