5 things you need to know about Red Kite Games

11th Oct 2022 Studio Life

Flying high
in the city of Leeds, pun fully intended, Red Kite Games has celebrated its 10th
anniversary this year, establishing itself as one of the leading AAA game
development studios in the North of England.

Working on
some incredible games over the years is one thing, but Red Kite also prides
itself on creating a welcoming culture within its studio, harnessing some of
the industry’s best talent and bringing them together to create an
award-winning studio.

The proof is
in the pudding, and so far, the team at Red Kite has been involved in some
pretty amazing projects in the past, with more on the way. But what is it that
makes this Yorkshire-based studio so unique, and so interesting compared to
many other game studios out there? Well, we’re here to take you through five
things you need to know about Red Kite Games.


leadership team are former ‘Rock stars’

founding Red Kite Games in 2012, Simon Iwaniszak worked at AAA studio Rockstar
Games. During his five-year tenure at Rockstar, he worked on massive titles
such as Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire.

It was there
that he met Andy Greensmith and Dave Roberts, who would join as Red Kite’s Technical
Director and Creative Director respectively.


Secretly working
on some of your favourite games

Red Kite
primarily provides work for hire and co-development support on AAA projects.
This has let us work on the biggest and best games with people from across the
industry. But this often means Red Kite is the silent partner on a lot of these

You might
not know that Red Kite has helped develop some of the biggest games in the last
decade. Recently, Red Kite has worked on Hogwarts Legacy, Control
Ultimate Edition
, Mafia Definitive Edition, Mafia III Definitive
, Knockout City, and many more.


You can
join Red Kite, but you might never leave

We’re very
proud of the supportive culture we’ve built at Red Kite. We know our team feels
the same way because they rarely leave Red Kite. Red Kite has grown from a
small team to more than 65 developers, yet our retention rate has never dropped
below 95%.

But don’t
just take our word for it. Red Kite has won several prestigious industry awards
including Gi.biz’s ‘Best Places to Work’ for both 2020 and 2021, as well as a TIGA
Star and ranking #4 in the ‘Best Companies’ Yorkshire & the Humber regional


A game of
our own

One of Red
Kite’s biggest long-term goals is to create our own game. Red Kite has been
co-developing titles for 10 years and we’ve had the chance to work on some
incredible titles.

Whilst we
love working with our partners, we aim to one day create a game of our own.
This is very much an active ambition of Red Kite and one we hope to share more
about in the future.



Red Kite was
one of the first studios in the UK to develop for Google’s Stadia platform. Red
Kite has developed multiple games for cloud-based gaming including Mafia
III: Definitive Edition
for Stadia and Control Ultimate Edition on
both Stadia and Amazon Luna.

Cloud gaming
is still a new platform for the game industry, and we’re excited to see how it
evolves – and, perhaps, we’ll bring you some more games on this platform in the

Looking to
make your next move in the games industry? Check out the career opportunities available right now at Red Kite Games.

11th October 2022 Studio Life