Sumo Digital

Sumo Digital are proud to reveal Sega & All-Stars Racing: Transformed!

We've been working with Sega for the last two years on this title, pooling our considerable talent and resources to come up with a title for the game that is slightly different...but just as long :-) 

Sumo Digital have worked with Sega for over 9 years now across a series of titles, and arguably know more about Sega's considerable back catalogue than Sega themselves. As such, it's a dream for the guys that work here to be able to work on this game, and that shines through in the game itself.

The last Sonic & Sega All Stars Racing game was successful both critically and commercially, and with this title we hope to make a leap forward in both areas.

The 'Transformed' in the title refers to the vehicles, which can transform between driving, boating and flying, and the tracks, which transform in various ways to accommodate the different surfaces. We have a wide range of tracks & character drawn from across Sega's history, and if you recognise them all at first glance, you're a certified nerd! If when you first play a track and expel an involuntary gasp of delight, you've had your first nerdgasm...

The game will be released later in 2012, and is currently confirmed on Xbox 360, PS3, 3DS and Vita. Keep an eye out for more news as we move closer to release.

 Love, Sumo Digital x



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