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Broken Sword 4 - The Angel of Death

Publisher: THQ
Platforms: PC CD-ROM
Release: 2007-02-13
Genre: Action Adventure
Rating: E - Everyone 10+

Fourth in the series of the Broken Sword adventures.

The greatest bastion of true adventure gaming, Broken Sword: The Angel of Death sees unwitting hero George Stobbart fall in love with the mysterious and beautiful Anna Maria. Her untimely and mysterious disappearance draws him into a desperate race against time to find an ancient artifact capable of immense destruction. The only lead George has is an antiquated manuscript rumoured to have inexplicable links to mfkzt, a mythical substance that has been forgotten for over two thousand years. Unfortunately for George, it looks like the world needs saving one more time.

  • Built upon an entirely new and dedicated engine, Broken Sword promises a greater level of detail to the world and of belief in the characters than previously experienced in adventure games, whilst keeping that same excellent artwork and attention to detail that has always made the series so popular
  • Thanks to the Proprietary Virtual Actor System the player will be able to read the emotion of the characters and also develop an extremely close relationship and strong levels of empathy towards heroes and the diverse and colourful cast characters
  • Broken Sword: The Angel Of Death features rich and varied environments from around the globe for the player to explore
  • For the first time ever in the Broken Sword series, Revolution Software have introduced time pressured situations ensuring the pace of the game is never static
  • Challenging but logical puzzles
  • Intriguing and gripping story that's based on a mixture of fact, fiction and conspiracy theory


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