Sumo Digital

OutRun Online Arcade

Publisher: Sega
Platforms: PS3 Downloadable
Genre: Racing
Rating: E - Everyone

OutRun Online Arcade -

You're racing in one of ten licensed Ferrari's selecting between branching stages as you try and drift your way through the finish line. You need to get to the goal and the only way to do so is to avoid hitting other cars, slamming into the median or driving in the dirt. You can gain some extra time by entering a slipstream (just stay behind another car), but your focus is on staying on the road at all times.

Once you've gotten a handle on racing, you can give Time Attack mode a try. It's the same tracks and the same idea as the normal OutRun mode, only now there is a ghost car on the track. You need to beat the ghost car in each section to truly dominate the course

OutRun is the Heart Attack mode alows you to race through the various stages with various challenges wanting you to drift for a bit or avoid hitting other cars or collect giant floating coins


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