Sumo Digital

Super Rub a Dub

Publisher: Sony Online Entertainment
Platforms: PS3
Release: 2007-04-06
Genre: Puzzle
Rating: C - Early Childhood

Amusing and vibrant, Super Rub a Dub brings rubber ducklings to life. Fully controlled by the SIXAXIS wireless controller motion sensors, guide your ducklings in colorful water filled tubs to clear each stage safely away from sharks.

Tip and toss those sharks overboard. Create a duckling line and win bonus time! With over 60 ducktastic-themed stages, varied difficulty, and 4P turn-based multiplayer gameplay, Super Rub a Dub grants endless action.


Includes over 60 ducktastic stages - Enjoy colorful and vibrant themed stages with varied difficulty.
SIXAXIS wireless Controller - Fully controlled by the SIXAXIS wireless controller motion sensors to guide your ducklings through each stage safely.
Full HD at 1080p - High definition graphics brings realistic water simulation with whirpools, currents and flow.
1-4P Turn-based Multiplayer - Select a stage from three difficulty groups - Fun, Tricky and Tough - and try to beat the fastest times.
Global Online Ranking - Compare online records with friends and world-wide leaderboards and download replays to watch the world's top Rubadubbers in action.


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