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21st August 2020Posted by: Sumo Digital

As modern games have evolved, their UI has become more sophisticated, giving players all-important feedback through careful design, iteration and execution.

But what goes into creating and designing the UI art? We sat down with Asit Ghadge, our Head of Art, to better understand the role of a UI artist.

Hey Asit, thanks for chatting with us!

First off, what does a UI artist do?

UI artists at Sumo Pune are responsible for creating the design, implementation, and optimization of various UI assets for a game. They work closely with the art director, lead artist and game designers to create graphically interesting, intuitive and player-friendly interfaces.

What are some of the responsibilities of a UI artist?

Within this role, one needs to work with the art director and lead artists to develop, explore and style the games UI, develops icons, buttons, frames and panels. The potential candidates must have the ability to create user interface concepts and motion graphics to demonstrate transitions and interactions as well as execute them within the game engine.

Also, I would like to add that one needs to have problem-solving ability effectively and creatively to meet deadlines. A UI artist should detach himself/herself from personal tastes to approach and solve problems from the players perspective.

What sort of experience does someone need to apply for a UI artist role?

Experience wise, anyone who has a diverse UI portfolio from casual friendly games through to mature console titles is suitable, especially if they are experienced in the Adobe graphics suite. Preferable candidates will also have exceptional illustration skills, used to develop the UI from freehand sketch to accurate vectors. A clear understanding of colour theory, shape, scale form, silhouette is also ideal, as well as a basic understanding of 3D packages and using them as part of a concept workflow.

Do you recommend any education routes to become a UI artist?

A college degree in-game art, graphic design, or related field is recommended, and formal education or equivalent professional experience as a UI artist is required for most roles. Courses in fine art or industrial design are encouraged, and classes in developmental psychology are useful in understanding how the potential player will best interact with your UI. You must be highly proficient with industry-standard 3-D art tools like Maya, 3ds Max and equally comfortable with 2-D tools.

A UI artist should be a methodical person who can conceptualise a logic tree and then guide others through a flowchart of menu options, game levels, or modes.

Do you have any last advice for our readers?

I would like to say anyone who is looking to work in a co-development environment on some of the exciting upcoming AAA game titles, working as a UI Artist at Sumo Pune is a great opportunity for you. Please visit our careers page and apply for some of our open roles!

Thank you to Asit for chatting with us and giving us insight into what a UI Artist can expect working at Sumo Pune.

If you’re interested in applying, head to our career page here!

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