Trainee Programming Opportunities at Sumo Pune

18th July 2020Posted by: Sumo Digital

Are you looking to get into the video games industry as a programmer? Then look no further!

Sumo Pune are offering paid trainee positions for entry level programmers to gain experience on PC & console projects.  

Programmers work collaboratively with all disciplines in the development team during the video game development process (e.g. Design, Art, Animation, Audio, UI), to bring the project’s design and vision into a final playable game.

There are multiple specialities within programming including Physics, Graphics, AI, UI and Audio, to name a few. Sumo Pune’s Trainee Programme will help to develop and specialise skills in these areas, providing professional and effective support, to help our Trainee Programmers become part of an exciting and critical development team working collaboratively with Sumo Digital’s UK Studios on world-class games, in a world-class development studio.  

We sat down with Ganesh, our Technical Manager, to better understand the process and expectations of a Trainee Programmer.   

What does a Trainee Programmer do?

A Trainee Programmer at Sumo is expected to be able to write quality code under the mentorship of seniors on the team.

The structured course for our Trainee Programmers at Sumo is designed to assist passionate new starters with learning state-of-the-art game technologies under the guidance of experienced programmers.  

Once a Trainee Programmer finds their feet in game programming, they are provided plenty of opportunities to write code for the games being developed by Sumo Digital.   

What educational courses do you recommend pursuing if someone wants to become a Programmer?

Degrees in engineering & science are obvious choices. But other skills to develop to become a good game programmer at Sumo Pune include C++ programming, maths, vector algebra & problem-solving. This skill set should also enable anyone to program for games, even if they have experience with different programming languages.   

How can working for Sumo benefit Trainee Programmers? 

Sumo Pune is always on the look out for talented programmers to join our engineering team.

Having a training programme allows us to educate, train and build on the already great foundations of talent that can then confidently and professionally contribute to Sumo Digital’s AAA games in development.   

Being a Trainee Programmer at Sumo will prepare them for the long term, building on skills and giving them important exposure at the very beginning of their career.  

They will learn best practices to enable them to work on exciting projects alongside experienced mentors. Such foundations and training will stand every aspiring game programmer in good stead throughout their career. 

And best of all… All of our Trainee Programmers are paid!
So you are actually being paid to learn!

What is the career pathway after that?  

Sumo Pune has a well-planned and established development pathway and a career ladder for the Programming team.

After starting as a Trainee, a programmer can grow to be a Junior Programmer, a Programmer, a Senior Programmer, and beyond.   

What is the selection criteria for Trainee Programmer applicants? 

Our selection process is quite clear and simple.

  1. First, the candidate must attempt a C++ test, followed by a technical interview.
  2. A candidate with solid basics in C++, vector algebra and algorithms would be an ideal candidate. 

We always keep a look out for potential in every applicant, but the above is a good start point.  

Thanks, Ganesh, for giving us an insight into what a Trainee Programmer can expect from working at Sumo Pune. Interested? Then head to our careers page to apply!

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