The Sumo Video Games Pune Game Jam!

20th November 2019Posted by: Sumo Digital

Our regular Game Jams are an opportunity for everyone at Sumo to take a break from the norm and have the opportunity to spend the day working in teams to bring their very own game ideas to life!

Sumo Video Games in Pune, India recently held their 2nd Game Jam and we thought that we would share some of the studio’s favourite entries from the day with you.

Anubha Banerjee

Super Vaulter

Anubha Banerjee really leapt to the challenge for the Sports theme with her pole-vaulting platformer – Super Vaulter!

Vaulting from platform to platform and fending off fiendish foes in this madcap game put a new spin on this classic track and field sport!

Battle Bards

Take a group of fledgling bards and minstrels from across the country and take them for playing for scraps in the street to performing concerts on the biggest stages in the land.

Nurture their talents and equip them with master-crafted instruments to help beat rival bands in over-the-top, battle-of-the-bands style gameplay!


Phase put a unique twist on the classic game of dodgeball by allowing the player to literally blend in with their environment and use their special phasing abilities to hide from enemy attack and climb to greater heights.

It’s a madcap and tactical game, where you have to be prepared for your opponents to attack from any angle!

These are just a few examples of some of the amazing entries that we saw created in the Sumo Video Games Pune Game Jam and we are thrilled to share them with you!

And a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to all of our winning teams from the Game Jam!


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