Team Sumo Takes on Twin Town Challenge 2018

Next week the Sumo Digital team will be hitting the streets of Le Touquet, France, alongside parties from across the UK games industry and beyond, as part of Twin Town Challenge 2018 hosted by SpecialEffect. That’s right, the Sumo Subaru has been taken out of the garage and spruced up by Team 2 Fast 2 Sumo for what is being billed as its final voyage. One last ride…

Putting the racing stripes and turbos aside for the moment, Twin Town has been one of the studio’s favourite events to take part in over recent years. We recently sat down with Team Sumo’s very own David Dino to see what makes this event like no other.

Twin Town banner


First thing’s first. For those that aren’t in the know, what exactly is the Twin Town Challenge?
DD: The Twin Town Challenge is a fun, team-based car challenge. Buy a £500 banger, add your own style and drive it from Oxfordshire to Le Touquet, France, competing in challenges along the way – all to raise money for technology charity SpecialEffect. You can think of it as an episode of TopGear with all the wacky challenges set in a different country. But we always must reiterate that it’s not a race! It’s a great way of building up visibility for an amazing cause on top of meeting new people and exploring a beautiful part of France.

What was it that made you (and Sumo!) want to get involved this time around?
DD: We love being able to support SpecialEffect and doing Twin Town helps to put a spotlight on the charity because of the event’s scope and the other teams who get involved. Since we did it last year, I think it was only natural that we participated again, and as the Sumo Subaru is still alive and kicking, we didn’t have to look too far to find our vehicle (which caught many jealous eyes last time we brought it over)!


Since you mentioned you’ll be using the same car as last time, can we expect any “upgrades”?
DD: As the overall theme for the rally is “movies,” we decided to go with the “Fast and Furious”, which I’m clearly a lore expert in. Expect to see some visual changes to the livery that help bring out the feel of that franchise. There might be a couple of other surprises as well that would help make us stand out just a little more than before! Plus, we’ve sorted some issues we had last time, so it might be a little faster as well… Again, it’s not a race! 😊

What about the team? Is the original dream team making an appearance or have things been changed up this time?
DD: Dave Blewett and Lee Taylor, who were part of the original team, are doing something slightly different this year.  Dave is taking part in the Twin Town Ultra Marathon with Lee as his support crew, so we opened the two other team spots up to the entire Sumo UK crew via a charity raffle and sealed bid. Sam Turner from Sheffield and Pod O’Donnell from Nottingham have been chosen to represent with us this time and I’m sure they’re pretty excited!

Do you have any goals you’d like to achieve (fundraising etc.)?
DD: If we could hit £1000 – £2000, that’d be super awesome. I think we can achieve that if we all just popped a couple of quid into our charity bucket! Outside of that, we’re also planning on having a charity requests scheme where people can donate £5 to what we’re calling “Fun on the Run!” By doing so, you can request to have a specific message held up by Dave on his Ultra Marathon or request we do some wacky stuff during the event! We want people to get creative, so please donate and let us know what you want us to do (within reason, of course)! After the event, we’ll also be auctioning off the Sumo Subaru too.

What’s the game plan? Any “special tactics” others should be aware of?
DD: No huge game plan aside from creating more awareness for the event. Nobody’s really “racing”. If anything, we’ll be providing opportunities for people to get involved with us during the event and Dave’s run via our social media channels. ^^

We live our lives a quarter mile at a time, yeah.

Finally, where can people go if they’d like to offer their support?
DD: They can check out our JustGiving page at


Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, David!

For full updates from the Twin Town challenge, make sure to keep an eye on our social media channels. We’ll be posting out information and updates on the event right from the circuit, so you’re not going to want to miss it!



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