Team Sonic Racing – Preview Event

3rd May 2019Posted by: Sumo Digital

Hello Team Sonic Racers!

Last week a select number of press and community fans joined us and our friends from SEGA at a stylish venue in London for a chance to get hands-on with Team Sonic Racing and put their racing skills to the test.


Each of the attendees had the full day to check out the new Team Adventure story mode, Grand Prix mode, Car customisation and the range of tracks available to race on.

It was a fun-filled day with  plenty of racing action and Sonic speed! Just check out what our racers had to say about Team Sonic Racing…

Press and Fansite
Preview Round-up

Gamereactor EU

“It was all fun and gripping, and there’s no better sign that a kart racer is doing its job than seeing a room full of journalists screaming at one another as they get overtaken and hit with items.”

Kotaku UK

“To stand out, you need something unique. After several hours playing, I feel they might just be on to something.”

PlayStation LifeStyle

“What’s great about Team Sonic Racing is that the team mechanics make sure that no match ever feels decided early on.”

Den of Geek

“All in all, this team-oriented action combines to make Team Sonic Racing feel like a very engaging karting experience. Whether you’re leading the pack by miles or trailing at the back by loads, you’ll have important things to do that will keep you entertained.”

Sonic Stadium

“Overall, we think Team Sonic Racing is shaping up to be another top-notch Sumo title, with some novel new mechanics that will draw both old and new fans to pick up a copy.”

Lost Palace - 7    Frozen Junkyard - 8

The fun didn’t end there though!

When you just happen to have a venue filled to the brim with journalists and Sonic community fans, along with a bunch of consoles setup to play Team Sonic Racing, there’s only one thing you can do… hold a Team Sonic Racing Grand Prix between everyone!

Team Sonic Racing
Grand Prix

Later in the day, our attendees split into teams of three racers each to find out which group had truly embraced the team spirit of Team Sonic Racing to become our Grand Prix Champions!

It was a close call but it was the team consisting of ShackNews, FANDOM and PlayStation LifeStyle that ended up crossing the finish line in first place to take away the coveted Team Sonic Racing Master Emerald Trophy!

A big congratulations to our Grand Prix winners and a huge thank you to everyone that attended.
It was great to see you all teaming up and having such a blast on the racetrack!


That’s a wrap for this event and with just over two weeks to go until Team Sonic Racing is released, we can’t wait to see the world team up with Sonic and friends to find out who really is the fastest thing alive!

Team Sonic Racing will be available worldwide for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam on May 21st!




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