Team Sonic Racing is out now!

21st May 2019Posted by: Sumo Digital

We’re really pleased to announce that Team Sonic Racing is out now!

Sumo Nottingham have created a team-based, fast-paced racing game set in the world of SEGA’s best-loved Sonic the Hedgehog series. We can’t wait for you to play!

Co-operative mechanics and teamwork are built into the core of the game; a win for one is a win for all.  Play single player or race with up to 12 players with online multiplayer and local co-op modes.

Share power-ups and speed boosts throughout the race, use competitors’ slipstreams to your advantage and work together with your teammates as you speed along the courses, including unleashing your Team Ultimate to knock opponents out of the way.

With its mix of arcade style and intense competitive gameplay, there are ways to stay in the lead: players can choose between three different character types depending on their style of racing, each with their own characteristics and abilities.

Lost Palace - 10   Hidden Volcano - 6

The game is also packed with tons of customisation options, letting you upgrade and alter the appearance of your vehicle to get you ready for the road. Make your ride reflect you, with lots of options to choose from including the handling of your vehicle, wheels, horns and decals.

TSR_Customisation_4   TSR_Customisation_6

Team Sonic Racing is available worldwide today for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Steam.


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