SumoCast episode 8 is here!

22nd January 2016Posted by: Sumo Digital

VR is taking the world by storm… and it’s also time for episode 8 of the SumoCast!

Episode 8 of the SumoCast is here!  Since our last episode, much has changed in the world; The weather has grown colder, the year has transitioned to 2016 and VR is already setting itself up to be the most talked about video game tech of the year. After a huge showcase at this years Consumer Electronics Show, VR is already becoming the talk of the town.

This week, the SumoCast team decided what topic could be better to discuss than one of the first trends of the year? That’s right, we talk about VR including some of our own thoughts and predictions. Is 2016 really going to be VRs year?

This is Episode 8 of the SumoCast:  We. Are. V.R.!

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