Sumo Digital Gender Pay Gap 2018

In response to the Gender Pay Gap report, Paul Porter, Managing Director of Sumo Digital adds:

Publishing gender pay gap data highlights the issue of the lack of women in the workforce faced by Sumo as part of the international video games industry. This shortfall in females is particularly prevalent in senior roles within game development.

Accelerating the rate of recruitment of females into our industry is the key to changing this long term. We are committed to doing as much as we can to nurture the next generation of female talent by inspiring girls to work in video games through our work with the Make the Grade programme.

In the short to medium term we will improve the development, promotion and retention of skilled and high potential women that we employ and are proud to be participating in a cross company mentoring scheme for female employees.

While Sumo’s gender pay gap results for 2018 are a slight improvement on the previous year, we recognize there is much more we need to do.

We are investing in quantifiable, sustainable initiatives designed to have a positive impact on reducing the gap in the coming years.


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