Sumo Digital and Epic Games present the Sumo x Epic Game Jam!

The Next Sumo Game Jam Begins Soon!

This very special Game Jam will begin on January 17th when Sumo staff members from across every level and discipline will gather together to kick-start the Sumo x Epic Game Jam when Epic Games will announce the as yet unannounced mystery theme for their projects!

Once the mystery theme has been announced, each team will then have three weeks to work on designing, building and submitting their game by February 8th to showcase to everybody at Sumo on February 15th.

IMG_5915  IMG_2028

We have seen some amazing games and ideas in the past, so we can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for our mystery theme in partnership with Epic Games!

What is a Game Jam at Sumo?

Darren Mills, Co-founder and Studio Director, Sumo Digital said:

“Our Game Jams are a regular highlight throughout the Sumo year. They’re a fantastic opportunity for staff members to showcase their creativity outside of their regular projects and it’s amazing to see the wide range of fresh, original ideas generated by all the devs in Sumo.

Snake Pass was a game idea that came from our first Game Jam. We saw the potential in it immediately and put it into production, eventually releasing it on all of the major platforms. Our Game Jams really are an opportunity for creative ideas to be seen at the highest level.

We have seen a wide variety of games built in Unreal in many of our past Sumo Game Jams, so collaborating with Epic for this extra-special Game Jam seemed like a very natural fit and when we suggested the idea to them, they were totally on-board from the get-go.”

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How Will The Winner Be Chosen?

The Sumo x Epic Game Jam Showcase will take place on February 15th when every project will be on display throughout the day for all Sumo staff to play and meet the teams behind them.

At the end of the day, every Sumo staff member will have the opportunity to vote for their favourite Game Jam games with the winner and two runners-up being awarded based on the number of votes received.

And since it’s a special Sumo X Epic Game Jam this time, there will also be an additional Epic Award for the top project selected by Epic Games.


So that’s all for now! The Sumo x Epic Game Jam begins in just two days and we look forward to sharing some great game creations throughout the Game Jam!


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