Studio Showcase: Sumo head out to G3

14th September 2015Posted by: Sumo Digital

On the 28th of August, we were invited to depart the industrial sights and sounds of Sheffield to head down into the luscious green forests of rural Surrey, for an event that promised to be unlike any other: G3 2015!

What is G3 you ask? G3, or Games, Guns, Giving (to give the event its full name), is a charity event created by the team over at Interactive Studio Management with the goal of raising funds for the fantastic charity, Special Effect. G3 helped bring together a wide range of developers, publishers and service providers for a spectacular Clay Pigeon shooting tournament on the grounds of Gosterwood Manor, which is  owned by  Bullfrog co-founder Les Edgar (Video game ties are everywhere!).

Taking to the challenge alongside teams including SEGA, Rebellion, Supermassive and Climax, Team Sumo were joined by Microsoft’s Rob Smith and industry veteran Ian Livingstone.
The competition was incredibly fierce throughout the day with Freestyle Games taking home the team trophy for highest combined score. Team Sumo didn’t go home empty handed and it was down to the valiant efforts of our co-founder and Executive Art-Director, Darren Mills, that placed him in joint third for the ‘individual performance’ award. Congratulations Darren!

The standings from the day were:

Top 3 teams on the day:

  1. Freestyle Games with 217 points
  2. Climax with 208 points
  3. Rebellion with 202 points

Top 3 individuals :

  1. Simon Gardner from Climax with 58 points
  2. Rupert Loman from Gamer Network with 52 points
  3. Tie between Darren Mills from Sumo and Andrew McKenzie from Hardlight with 51 points

Of course, let’s not forget the purpose of the event and that was to raise fund for the charity Special Effect. At Sumo, we’re huge supporters of the work Special Effect undertakes and believe that everyone should be given equal opportunity to enjoy the video games and Special Effect is becoming a true pioneer of this field. The work that Dr Mick Donegan and the team at Special Effect do on a daily basis is truly inspirational and we always relish the opportunity to support them in any way we can.

We look forward to next year’s events!

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