Spyder available now on Apple Arcade!

20th March 2020Posted by: Sumo Digital

Sumo Digital proudly presents… A Spy on the Wall adventure featuring the world’s smallest superspy!

Our teams at Sumo Sheffield and Sumo Pune have spun together this retro spy adventure featuring our lovable hero – Agent 8!

Agent 8 is the ultimate in spy-tech miniaturisation being able to stay hidden in plain sight and be the gadget with their collection of high-tech accessories that will help them solve puzzles and bring an end to S.I.N.’s nefarious plans!


Embark on a variety of top secret missions that will see you guiding Agent 8 with full 360° navigation across a number exciting locations including a plane, a submarine, a space capsule… And more!

Go where no other spy can and bring an end to the evil plans of the diabolically villainous orgaisation S.I.N. as they try to take over the world!

Good luck Agent 8 – We’re all counting on you!

Play Now exclusively on Apple Arcade:

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