Senior VFX Artist Opportunity at Sumo Pune

20th October 2020Posted by: Sumo Digital

VFX Artists are a vital part of game development, and use the latest technology to bring to life digitally created assets like creatures, buildings, crowds etc.

They make games feel believable by working on even the smallest details like particle effects, for creating smoke, or effects like fire and liquid.

We sat down with Laxmikant Sharma from our Sumo Pune studio to understand more about VFX in gaming and to learn about one of the incredible opportunities we have available right now at Sumo Pune…

Hi Laxmi! Can you tell us about the new Senior VFX Artist role you have open?

Laxmi – The senior VFX artist role is one of the most crucial positions in our studio. We work on a variety of incredible AAA projects, and we are looking for a Senior VFX Artist to join our team and share their talent with our studio.

The ideal candidate should have a minimum of 3 years of experience working on AAA games or movies and will be someone who can work on the complete VFX pipeline from concept design to the final polished result. We are looking for someone who has excellent knowledge of VFX in media to combine aesthetics and physics to create outstanding VFX.

What other skills or experience do candidates need to apply for this position?

Laxmi – As this is a senior role, we want the candidate to have open communication skills so that they can collaborate with other designers, artists and coders to implement their ideas. We would also love candidates to have the skills to ensure that the designs fit well into the VFX budget set for the game and comply with technical challenges to achieve the best performance possible.

Another aspect of the job is to create technical documentation and prototypes for the VFX design for our teams to work from, so they should be confident doing this and be on par with current and emerging visual effects trends and technology. Experience working with Unreal Engine is also a plus!

Do you look for any particular qualifications if someone is thinking about moving into a VFX role?

Laxmi – This might surprise you, but I think anyone can enter this career without a degree. VFX is really creative, and I have seen entrants with experience in media production, technology, graphic design or photography move into it. It’s possible to start and work your way up the ladder.

For this role, there’s a heavy emphasis on maths and science, in particular physics, so a good knowledge in these areas is a must, and something to bear in mind for aspiring VFX artists. Above all though, if anyone is interested in this career, it’s essential to build a portfolio or showreel that shows a good deal of quality over quantity.

Do you have any final advice for our readers, especially the possible candidates?

Laxmi – If you are into gaming, and fulfil all the requirements, then this is a great opportunity for you.

We’re so excited about this open position – in India, there are very few studios who are currently working on AA projects and at Sumo, we’ve been hands on with a lot of really incredible games, for example, Hotshot Racing, Hitman 2, Forza Horizon 4, Crackdown 3 and Snake Pass as well as the recently announced Sackboy: A Big Adventure and Hood: Outlaws & Legends.

You can visit our website and see our huge portfolio of games. So, come and join our awesome team and and make amazing games with us!

Thank you for your time, Laxmi! If you’re interested in applying for the role of Senior VFX Artist, you can apply here.

For other open roles, you can find them on our website.

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