Senior Character Art at Sumo Video Games

15th March 2019Posted by: Sumo Digital

Senior Character Art at Sumo Video Games
Stewart Neal – Development Manager

When we set up Sumo Video Games in Pune in 2007, our goal was for it to be a major player in our business by working alongside our Sumo Digital UK studios to consistently deliver AAA titles for all the key platforms including PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC and mobile.

We are always looking for the industry’s brightest talent to join our various teams within the studio and we thought that we’d take an opportunity to have a more in-depth look into one of the many exciting roles currently available in Pune – Senior Character Artist.

Role Overview

The Senior Character Artist role at Sumo Video Games is a pivotal role, working with the character team in India, and the UK studios, to support a wide variety of projects, genres, and styles for major publishers including Sony, Microsoft, SEGA, and more!

We are looking for someone with passion and motivation. A drive to improve skills and further learn the theory behind the art, whilst also keeping up with the latest tools and techniques. These traits will ensure any artist develops to a high level. We also offer the opportunity to train on-site with the art teams in our UK studios.

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Artist Skills

Our ideal Senior Character Artist would have hard surface and organic modelling skills. An understanding of the details and intricacies of the human body goes without saying. Being able to take concept work and then model proportions with an excellent eye for detail. Additionally, the understanding of garments and how items of clothing, or additional props are manufactured, so that they are created in the correct way to look authentic and convincing, would really bring your characters to life!

Excellent software experience with ZBrush, Max, and Maya is a requirement for the role but even if a candidate can simply demonstrate a natural artistic ability but doesn’t have all the software skills required, we can offer training to ensure that the correct software skills are developed for their success.

What Would You Be Creating?

Our character team at Pune recently provided most of the main characters both human and mechanical for the recently released Crackdown 3. They have also worked on characters for Team Sonic Racing, Hitman 2, our own Snake Pass and so many other amazing titles!

And that is exactly the type of work that you would be working on at Sumo Video Games in Pune!

We have a number of undisclosed projects currently in development across multiple genres, which include a vast array of characters from human to non-human, realistic to stylised. Which means that there’s a lot of exciting work for a Senior Character Artist to sink their teeth into.


So, if you’re looking for an opportunity to work in creating characters for a variety of genres across original and established AAA franchises with some of the biggest publishers in the video games industry, then we would love to hear from you!

Visit our Careers Portal for a current list of vacancies or you can email us for general career enquires:


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