Meet the Riverside Winter Game Jam winners

8th March 2016Posted by: Sumo Digital

It’s only been a few weeks since we announced our Winter Game Jam and already we’re at the end.

After the success of our very first Game Jam last year, on February 12th we announced the first Jam of 2016. Teams quickly assembled all in the name of science freedom and creativity with only one goal clear in their sights; the chance to be crowned the Riverside Winter Game Jam champions!

It’s been a grueling 2 weeks for some of the teams, with some electing to use every spare minute they could possibly muster to bring their creations to life. Unfortunately, no game jam is without its casualties and we’re sad to say two teams did pull out of the competition just as they hit the final hurdle, unable to realise their dreams. What wonders did they have to show? That is for another day…

However, today is not about the struggles of yesterday, today is all about the taste of victory! Today is the day we crown our Game Jam winners and celebrate their glory.

This year, the judging process took a different course. After receiving a copious amount of feedback from all the teams involved in making the last Game Jam a success, one of the points that came up time and time again was how the overall winner was decided. We took that feedback back to the drawing board and this time gave everyone a voice. This afternoon, the entirety of Sumo Digital was invited on a tour around the studio to visit each of the Game Jam projects. After playing games for a good hour or two, they were invited to then cast their vote on who they felt was most worthy of the ultimate prize: A chance to showcase their project to the world!

Without further ado these were the Game Jam winners as voted for by the Sumo Digital team

‘Best Team’ Award

The Best Team award went to… TEAM DRONE RACING. Working as a team of four, this team built managed to incorporate a full multiplayer experience into their game within the time frame.

‘Most Original’ Award

This award created quite a stir in the office, with many heated debates held. Throughout it all, however, one team came out on top and that team was TEAM RUN POP. 


The moment we’ve been leading up to is finally here and yes, this game won TWO awards. Our Riverside Winter Game Jam champion is… TEAM ‘WAIT…WHAT IF I?
A game built by a sole team of one, Tom built his game ‘Wait…What If I’ with a variety of traditional gameplay mechanics with a little bit of a twist.

Sadly, that is it for the Riverside Winter Game Jam. We’ll be sharing much more about all the games that entered very, very soon, so be sure to stay tuned.

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