Recruitment Roadshow in Hyderabad – Design

Games Design at Sumo Video Games
Bradley Davey – Senior Game Designer

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide top-class services to our worldwide studios, Sumo Video Games in Pune, India, has recently set up a brand-new Level Design Department.

Led from our headquarters in Sheffield, U.K., the aim of this new department in Pune is to support our global team by creating first-class content for our projects.

This is an exciting opportunity for level designers to come and work with some amazing partners from all over the world on a variety of genres, platforms and game engines. So, we are actively searching for great talent to join us to help shape the future of AAA video games from our office in Pune.

Our ideal candidates are passionate, self-motivated and knowledgeable, having a wide variety of interests in and outside of video games.


If you think this is an opportunity that you’d be interested in, then here is a list of helpful tips to get noticed!

  • Come and talk to us!
    • We’ll be at our Recruitment Roadshow in Hyderabad on December 2nd.
    • Bring your CV and your passion for creating amazing experiences!
  • Work on your portfolio!
    • What can YOU bring to level design? Your education, passions and hobbies will shape how you view and build worlds.
    • Playable demos! Finished or in-progress games are a great way to show off your skills and enthusiasm for making games!
  • Know your stuff!
    • It’s easy to talk about things you like, but can you articulate what you don’t like or why something doesn’t work? It’s this eye for detail and ability to communicate those ideas that can really make you stand out.
  • A desire to learn!
    • At Sumo you’ll be working with amazing talent from art, audio, design and code, and you’ll have the opportunity to learn from everyone you work with.

DSC05855   DSC05807

We’re building a world-class design team in Pune and we’re looking for designers of all levels of experience to join us and build incredible experiences for our players. If this is you and you want to be a part of this, get in contact and tell us you’re interested!


The Recruitment Roadshow in Hyderabad will be held on December 2nd.
If you would like to attend, you can register your interest here:



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