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19th December 2017Posted by: Sumo Digital

In our second Sumo Spotlight, we spoke with Emma Lintvelt, a game design placement student from NHTV in The Netherlands.


Tell us a little bit about yourself 

I am in my final year of the NHTVs game development course in Breda, The Netherlands.

I started off as an indie developer, trying to become a jack of all trades, but found my heart lies with design instead. Now I still class myself as a jack of all trades, but specialising in design. Something that’s proven to be very useful! I feel it’s good to have an understanding of all aspects of game development (roughly: programming, art, design, audio, production) so that you can easily communicate with your team members and can prototype things quickly.


What was it that made you want to come to Sumo for your internship?

My school’s projects very much felt like indie projects and, even though those are fun and educational in their own right, it doesn’t give much insight into how most of the industry operates.

That’s why I wanted to experience working on an AAA title at least once so that I would know whether it was for me. I was a little apprehensive about working for a large studio after my graduation and that’s why I wanted to try it while I still had the safety net of an internship.

Sumo is the perfect fit, because not only do they have multiple big projects in development, they’re very focused on establishing good links with gamedev schools, which showed me they know what to expect from their applicants.


How have your first few weeks been here at Sumo?

Everyone at Sumo’s been extremely nice & helpful. You really feel like part of the team the first time you sit behind your own desk. It didn’t take long for me to be handed responsibility and important tasks, which was simultaneously daunting and amazing! You feel like you’re actually contributing to the team and the game while getting great support from your supervisor and producers. They made sure I had all the resources I needed and wasn’t given anything I wasn’t able to handle.

The best advice I can give to make it through the first few weeks successfully is to be proactive. Try new things, absorb anything and everything like a sponge and you’ll quickly find it pays off.

What has been your favourite thing so far?

I have met so many amazing people who all bring their own perspective on game development and the games industry! They help you put the things that you learn at school into practice in a professional environment and answer any questions that you might have about their experiences at Sumo, and any other studios they might have worked at.

From starting out as colleagues, they quickly become a social network of friends as well.


Tell us a little bit about your role and what you do here at Sumo

My first project was between preproduction and production when I started. The core designs had been implemented and iterated, which meant that the design specifications had to be updated.
I was first asked to take one of the core features, and reiterate on the design; as it had strayed from the original vision.

This was a hindrance to the UI team because they needed to visually design a feature which didn’t match what was approved in game! Therefore, I updated the specs to the current design, filled in the gaps where needed and acted as a bridge between UI and design to improve communication.

I have recently moved to a new project, that uses a proprietary engine), which makes the introduction to the project a little more complicated. The team at Sumo have let me take my time with it though and I’m just about to start contributing to the level design team!

That’s the great thing about Sumo; at any given time they work on a number of games.
It provides you with the opportunity to learn from many different sources and it’s nice to have that bit of security in an otherwise risky industry.


Is there anything that’s surprised you so far?

As my school is completely project-based, there were fortunately not too many surprises!

The biggest surprise was definitely how approachable everyone is. In school we were basically always in crunch, trying to get our over-scoped projects done, and people were just too busy to sit down and go over issues together. The pace is really nice at Sumo, something I don’t expect to find at every studio in this industry. Of course, you’re expected to work and deliver on a schedule, but production is excellent and engaged.


How have you enjoyed Sheffield so far?

Sheffield is a student city and therefore has a healthy nightlife. Combine that with its many breweries, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafés and other social hangouts there is always something to take your fancy.

As a Dutch person, I was worried I wouldn’t be able to bike here, but, for U.K. standards, it’s a relatively bike-friendly city! Be forewarned though, they actually have hills here…

Close to SUMO is Meadowhall, the largest shopping centre in Yorkshire, which saves you the trouble of having to go to the city centre and has a lot of different options for food too.

But the absolute best part about living here, for me, is the Peak District.
It’s an amazing showcase of British landscapes and allows for an array of outdoor activities, such as cycling and bouldering, and I would live there if I could!


What are you most looking forward to over the next few months?

In the short term, I’m looking forward to getting ownership on some content after the onboarding on my new project and in the long term my graduation!


Remember, if you’re interested in our placements, there’s still time to sign up. Just head over to

Applications close on the 23rd of February, 2018.

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