Stampede: Racing Royale - Meet Sumo Leamington

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When Sumo Leamington started in 2019, it had one goal: to make a place where its people would look forward to tomorrow. Fast forward four years and the studio is about to launch its debut title, Stampede: Racing Royale.

Here, Studio Director Chris Southall and Studio Engagement Manager Sarah Adams discuss how they take care of their people, empower their team to get stuck in, and manage almost 100 developers working remotely from all over the world.

Don’t forget! Stampede: Racing Royale is drifting into early access on PC from the 2nd of November 2023. Be sure to wishlist it now and follow the game all over social media to get into gear.

Want to join an awesome team? Sumo Leamington is hiring! You can check out all the current opportunities on the Career Page.