5 things you need to know about Sumo India Studios

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You’ll no doubt be aware that many of the games that you’ve enjoyed, loved, or generally heard of come from studios in regions such as the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Japan – but what you might not be aware of is a large segment of development often takes place in Southern Asia.

India is fast becoming a focal point for the video game industry, with Sumo Digital already operating in the country for well over a decade. Sumo India has worked on numerous projects – some with fellow Sumo Digital studios, some with external partners – but you may not have realised.

To learn more about those projects, and some interesting information, here are five things you need to know about Sumo India.

Big expansion – and continuing to grow

Established in 2007, Sumo Pune was the second Sumo Digital studio to open , and it is still one of only a handful of AAA studios in India. Back then, Sumo Pune started up with only five people working in the studio – but now, with 15 years experience under its belt, it has more than 160 team members working in India!

Playing a part in hit releases

Sumo Pune has contributed significantly to console, PC, and mobile games across a variety of genres including first & third-person shooters and action titles, racing, adventure, and sports games. Some of our key titles include Hood: Outlaws & Legends, Hotshot Racing, Forza Horizon Series, Crackdown 3, Snake Pass, Hitman 2, Team Sonic Racing, and, of course, the BAFTA award-winning title Sackboy: A Big Adventure.

Sumo Pune – together with fellow Sumo Digital studios – has developed video games for well-known partners and publishers like Apple, SEGA, Microsoft, Sony, EA, and many more.

Evolving from art to game development

Primarily, Sumo Pune was established as an art studio, however the studio kept on expanding to meet the needs of fellow Sumo studios, to work together on exciting projects. In 2015, with further need to support other studios under Sumo Digital’s belt, Pune’s engineering team was fully established.

It was decided later on that the studio would need to be open for all disciplines to fully support as a co-developer - so in 2017 the designers team was brought in, followed by the QA team in 2019. Simultaneously, management teams were gaining momentum alongside these other departments too, including HR, finance, and marketing.

And so the legacy of Sumo India Studios began.

We’re not just in one location

Due to the success of Sumo Pune with the variety of world-class games it has co-developed, and the global growth of its parent company Sumo Group, the next step in the growth of Sumo in India was to open another studio – and in 2022, we announced the arrival of Sumo Bangalore!

Opening an office in Bangalore was the next logical growth step for Sumo India Studios as the city is a hub for game development, as well as skilled and emerging talent in the industry. Sumo Bangalore will initially focus on engineering and art in game development, with a highly skilled multi-disciplinary team built around that.

Better still, we’re currently recruiting across those initial disciplines at an experienced to senior level – find out more here.

Powerful engine under the bonnet

Sumo India Studios is one of the best AAA studios in the country actively working on multiple advanced game engines. Unreal Engine is one of the great examples, and members of team gain a lot of experience from using it. Previous Sumo India titles that were developed with the power of Unreal Engine include Spyder, Hood: Outlaws & LegendsSackboy: A Big Adventure and Snake Pass.

Want to join the fun and work at one of our fantastic Sumo India studio locations? Check out the Pune and Bangalore career pages now.