Motivation and Communication From Home

30th April 2020Posted by: Sumo Digital

Alongside the wellbeing of everyone at Sumo, effectively communicating with our teams and continuing to create incredible game content remains a top priority. 

We caught up with Sumo Leamington’s Operations Director Harinder Sangha, and Producer Sarah Adams, to talk about exactly that. 

So, grab a cuppa and listen to the full conversation over on SoundCloud, in our new SumoCast podcast series. You’ll hear some useful advice and about what makes our Leamington studio a great place to work. 

In the meantime, have a read of a chat we had with Sarah, exploring how producers can effectively motivate and communicate with their teams while working from home… 

Have you had to implement any more active check ins than you would in the studio? 

At the moment it’s a continuation of how we’ve been working in the studio: we have morning catch ups, where we can talk about the work we’ve done the previous day, and the work we’re planning to tackle for the day ahead. 

This has been really beneficial: we’ve recently had a big milestone so having those morning catch ups has given us the focus to reprioritise for the day.  

How do you tackle ad-hoc challenges that naturally arise? 

We have a lot of group chats on the go as well, which has been invaluable to ensure everyone’s in the loop and the right people are communicated with cross discipline. As and when we need, we put in calls to make sure we’re all on the same page. 

Sometimes it’s a challenge – but as an incredibly close team it’s been really reassuring to know the rest of the team are at the end of the phone or on the other side of an online message.  

Sumo Leamington Working From Home
The Sumo Leamington team finding time for frequent fun catch ups. Guess the call theme! 🌴

And how has it been approaching large project deadlines and milestones while you’re all remote? 

So far so good – no disasters! When approaching deadlines, it becomes apparent that in addition to our regular morning catch ups we have to introduce catch ups throughout the day, just to ensure any questions or blocks are dealt with, so we can continue progressing.  

Our team are incredibly supportive, so it’s been great to see everyone support each other as deadlines approach, especially in this difficult remote situation.  

Are there any ways you’ve been keeping your colleagues motivated to meet your deadlines together?  

A simple thank you goes a long way towards keeping the team motivated and focused on the project deliverables. I’m keen on ensuring that the team feel valued and appreciated, and that they know I’m here to support them and help where I can. 

Finally, do you have any advice for other producers balancing working from home and meeting deadlines right now?  

Communication 😊 keeping in contact with the team as much as possible throughout the day on the status of tasks/features and how they are getting on is key to ensuring everything is progressing as planned and you are kept up to date with the project. Delegate where you can and trust in your team. 

Thank you, Sarah, for sharing your tips on how to keep your team connected!

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🥳🥳🥳 Welcome to the team Ellie! 🥳🥳🥳