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28th May 2020Posted by: Sumo Digital

Whilst ensuring the safety of our employees, we are still working and hiring for great projects.

Even during these difficult times, the video games industry, gaming and Sumo are still growing exponentially. People are staying at home and are spending more and more time with their games.

This growth is also leading us to actively looking for fresh new talent across all disciplines in all of our studios, including Sumo Pune in India.

So, we sat down with two of our new Trainee Artists in Sumo Pune, Praveen Ravichandran and Rishi Rithik, to better understand their experience with the hiring and onboarding process when joining Sumo.

Why has the onboarding experience been good for you, especially since we’re in lockdown?

Praveen: Even though we are in lockdown, the HR team did a remarkable job of preparing me for my new job. The orientation was done over the phone and I was introduced to my team managers and some of my new co-workers through Microsoft Teams.

Rishi: My onboarding experience has been smooth. Right from the initial conversation with HR, the communication was flawless and this helped a ton. As a starter with no prior experience, I had a lot of questions about the onboarding process and every single one was resolved. It didn’t matter if we were in a lockdown or not, communication was strong and everything worked out great.

The New Sumo Pune Team Members – Praveen and Rishi

Is there anything your new teams did, or the wider company facilitated, to make you feel welcome? (getting equipment to you, integrating with the team etc)

Rishi: My team managers set up calls to clarify any doubts that I had regarding work. Since I am working from home and India is currently in a very strict lockdown with no transportation allowed, I am currently using my PC. However the IT team helped a lot in setting me up to work with remote access.

Praveen: Yes, the HR team enquired if I had the required hardware and a good internet connection as travelling is not allowed in India during the lockdown and they couldn’t provide my office PC before onboarding. Following this chat, I was then given access to all the tools necessary for the job.

What was the interview process like?

Praveen: I was quite nervous but within minutes I was relaxed and the interview process was fairly straightforward. I was asked to explain my art portfolio and my general thought processes whilst creating the art contained within it.

Rishi: I had not done any professional interviews before this. Initially, I was a bit nervous. But it quickly went away after a few minutes of conversation with Asit and Jacob from the art team. They were friendly, to-the-point and easy to talk to.

Were there any things you were nervous about beforehand, and how were these resolved?

Rishi: As I mentioned previously, I was nervous about the interview but that went well. Also, I was a bit worried about how working from home would be. It felt weird to me that I would not be able to talk to my teammates in person. But after meeting them online, of course, I got to know how friendly they are and how amazingly stable and balanced the whole work process is and found that there was no issue whatsoever.

Praveen: I was curious if they had all the software that I am used to working with but they provided me with everything, so I didn’t have to change my workflow or anything.

Rishi’s #SumoFromHome Office!

Do you have any advice for anyone about to start working remotely in a new role?

Praveen: I would suggest communication is very important to working remotely. This is one area that I had to pay attention to when I started working. I had to send updates to my managers to let them know what I was working on and they could send me instructions in the same way.

Rishi: Working remotely has been good for me (No commute, no traffic!), especially with millions of people commuting in the Indian metro cities every day. So, for someone starting to work remotely, I would say stay disciplined, setup a good workspace, stay focused and Join Sumo!

Thank you, Praveen and Rishi, for sharing your thoughts!

All 9 of our studios across the UK and in Pune, India are hiring, across many disciplines – you can check out our open roles here. We look forward to welcoming you to the team!  

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